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Each of these sites have been designed and developed from the ground up by Planet-3. That means custom designs, SEO-targeted copy, and insanely clean development that we continue to work on with these amazing Web Partners. If you check regularly, you’ll see these sites are constantly being updated for success.

We Focus on Value

We want you to invest in a website that does more than just exist. Partner with us, and we’ll create a website that increases brand awareness online and leads to more sales. Your website can be a sales tool, providing the experience and info to convert any visitor into a customer. We have the same goal: ROI!

Custom to Your Needs

We don’t do templates. We design and build the website to fit your needs now and to scale with your growing business.

Optimized for Success

We ensure our sites exceed industry standards for accessibility, best practices, and performance. We produce the fastest websites with the best possible SEO.

Trusted Ongoing Partners

We’re proud of every site we craft and want to continue working with you to constantly update the site to match your growing and changing business.

Hear from Some of Our Web Partners

We continue to exist because of our incredible Web Partners who see and experience our value  every day. Our mission is to hit and exceed all expectations to make your site continue to work best for your business. When we develop a website for you, we’re here with you for the long haul.

Casey Engel

Beargrass Naturals

"... Planet 3 has help me develop my business over the past year and have become an integral part of my team. I appreciate their expertise and work ethic and I am excited for the future working with this company."

Melissa Umansky

Fidelity Diagnostics

"Planet-3 is phenomenal! They have helped us with a multitude of business marketing needs. Their professionalism, expertise and quality of work in helping us build a website has been next level."

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We’re very confident in what we do, and probably the most enthusiastic about creating amazing websites you’ll talk to. We’d love to talk with you about how we can make a website that is totally unique to your brand, gets ranked high in search engines, and has you more excited about your site than you thought possible.